S m a l l E d i t i o n s

We print & bind books, boxes, and multiples.


Established in 2012 in Brooklyn, New York, Small Editions offers services in hand bookbinding, box making, and multiples for artists, designers, and any creative endeavor.

Custom books can be made either with already finished designs, or in collaboration with our team and in house designers to realize your vision.

We create our unique, handmade books in our Brooklyn studio where we can produce a one-off or limited edition projects. We also manage the production for large runs of high quality books and multiples, always with an emphasis in creative design and fine materials.

As craftspeople educated in contemporary and historical artist books, we use our expertise to create unparalleled bespoke books. We are happy to answer questions and discuss any enquiries sent to projects@smalleditions.nyc

Oversized book in clamshell


Hugo & Marie

Hardcover handsewn large format book in clamshell box

4 books in clamshell boxes

11 x 15 inches, 150 pages

JI OH is a handsewn book of work by fashion designer Ji Oh bound in a screen printed,  rubberized and blind debossed cover and housed in a deep indigo linen clamshell box. The pages of the book have been digital offset printed onto silk paper by Mohawk with uncoated leaves of blue/gray toned paper tipped… More

Men In Business Hardcover Book

Men in Business

Lynn Shostack

Hardcover handsewn book in custom clamshell box

Edition of 16

8 x 10 inches, 154 pages

This custom book and clamshell chronicles the life of a business woman coming up through a world of men. The interior of the book, designed by Jesse Moretti, speaks to the author’s character through the elegant use of color and form. The custom clamshell box that holds each copy of Men in Business is wrapped… More

a Juniper Tree by David Horvits

A Juniper Tree

David Horvitz

Custom buchentramp box in slipcase

Edition of 2

9.5 x 12 x 5.5 inches

Part of a series conceived by artist David Horvitz, the archival box produced is intended to be placed in the stacks of a library and blend in with other books on the shelf. It is there for the librarian who has had a long day, or to be requested by the researcher who is deep… More

We sell artists books.


Working from a vibrant history of commissioned artists books, Small Editions collaborates through studio visits and conversations with artists to publish small edition bookworks and artists books. Seeking to support experimental artist publishing, we developed a business model that provides book production services to commercial clients as a means for funding our artists book publishing projects.

Since 2012 Small Editions has published artists books with Andria Morales, Anne Vieux, Annie Pearlman, Benjamin Niznik, Beverly Fresh, Erin Sweeny, Gregory Kalliche, Lauren Clay, Nicole Killian, Noah Breuer, Siebren Versteeg, Sheryl Oppenehim, Ted Gahl, Will Anderson, and Will Rahilly. Our books are in the collections of MoMA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Walker Art Center, Kohler Artist Book Library, Whitney Museum of American Art, Cleveland Institute of Art, SAIC, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Cranbrook Art Museum. We are involved in leading workshops for artists on how to make books through The Center for Book Arts, Blonde Art Books, and other institutions. We have presented on our works at venues such as MoMA PS1 and Independent Curators International. Our goal as publisher is to use our combined book production and exhibition space to create bookworks that unabashedly borrow from ideas and techniques of both worlds (contemporary art and books), that further the ideas of both, and to provide a space for contemporary artists to further their practice through artists book production.

Sibren Versteeg Untitled Zine

Untitled Zine

Siebren Versteeg

Soft cover, saddle stitched black and white laser printed


5 × 6.25 in., 16

$ 12 – Purchase

The contents of this zine are aggregated by a computer program that culls and composes data and images from the internet based on a myriad of digital variables. Each publication of this edition is a unique expression of the breadth of this code’s idiosyncratic potential. –Siebren Versteeg (It is suggested this zine is purchased in… More

Paperless Max Fowler


Edited by Nicole Kaack, artwork by Max Fowler, Rachel Haberstroh, Sujin Lee, Nyeema Morgan, and Benjamin Santiago

Soft cover, saddle stitched black and white laser printed on translucent paper


5 × 8 in., 36 pages

$ 10 – Purchase

Paperless. What traces are left when we burn our words, allow them to dissolve? What do we hear in the silence of a pause or a period? Although silence, redaction, and erasure emerge as different forms of not-knowing, each divulges a narrative. Omissions are never necessarily mistakes and redactions are proof that nothing can truly… More

Four Steps to Self-Help

Edited by Alt Esc, artwork by Evie Falci, Calli Moore, Aliza Morell, and Nicole Ruggiero including an essay by Whitney Mallett.

Softcover, risograph printed in full color


5 × 8 in., 34 Pages

$ 12 – Purchase

Color is light and energy. Our body and mind are energy, vibrations, and frequencies. All are interconnected within the framework of our perceptive surroundings. Color enters through our eyes and skin, affecting our emotions, moods, and mental state of being – it is the overlooked factor of how we can maintain balance and control. Four… More

We exhibit contemporary art.


Small Editions presents 6 exhibitions a year through it’s Curatorial Residency Program. Each year an emerging curator is selected to organize thematic exhibitions to nurture a conversation between contemporary art and artists books and to influence the work within Small Editions’ studio.

Small Editions’ current curator-in-residence is Nicole Kaack.

Nicole Kaack is an artist and writer from Northern California, currently based in Queens, New York. Kaack graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Visual Art from Columbia University and now works as the Dedalus Fellow in the Museum Archives at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Kaack’s writing has been published by Whitehot Magazine, artcritical, SFAQ / NYAQ / AQ, and Artforum.

Support our Curatorial Residency Program by making a tax deductible donation here.

Or by subscribing to Subscript, an experimental bimonthly publication series featuring writing by our Curators-in-Residence.

Andre Bradley's Fingerprints


September 30 - November 5, 2017

  • Andre Bradley

  • Boru O'Brien O’Connell

  • Jimena Sarno

Organized by Nicole Kaack. Enveloped. Delays and interruptions are devices of time, moments that exist inside a temporary void. What develops when these suspensions soften and dissolve…and what happens when they do not? Taking as its subject the weight of latent knowledge, Enveloped concerns itself with the substance of the unknown. Andre Bradley’s paintings and… More

47 Easy Poundcakes Like Grandma Used to Make


July 29 - September 10, 2017

  • Max Fowler

  • Rachel Haberstroh

  • Sujin Lee

  • Nyeema Morgan

Small Editions is pleased to present Paperless, a group exhibition featuring the works of  Max Fowler and Rachel Haberstroh, Sujin Lee, and Nyeema Morgan. In conjunction with the exhibition, Benjamin Santiago will perform “ligg-ehn ah-figgy” on the evening of August 18th at 7PM. Public viewing hours noon – 5pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 3-6pm…. More

Nicole Kaack 2017 Curator in Residence

Small Editions 2017 Curator-in-Residence Announced

July 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

  • Nicole Kaack

Small Editions is pleased to welcome Nicole Kaack as 2017 Curator-in-Residence. Beginning her residency with the exhibition Paperless, opening on Saturday July 29th, Kaack has prepared a series of exhibitions based on Hanne Darboven’s infinite words—“zu schreiben ohne zu beschreiben,” to scribe without describing. The three exhibitions in this series assemble artists whose works sidestep… More