S m a l l E d i t i o n s

Small Editions presents 6 exhibitions a year through it’s Curatorial Residency Program. Each year an emerging curator is selected to organize thematic exhibitions to nurture a conversation between contemporary art and artists books and to influence the work within Small Editions’ studio.

Small Editions’ next curator-in-residence will be announced in March 2018.

Past residents have included Nicole Kaack, Irina K Makarova, and Alison Sirico.

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wordless subscript by Nicole Kaack

Exhibitions at Small Editions
Show Your Hand

Show Your Hand

  • Joeun Aatchim, Will Anderson, Andrea Bergart, Noah Breuer, Melissa Brown, Ellen Carpenter, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Kari Cholnoky, Lauren Clay, Joey Cocciardi, Patrick Gantert, Daniel Glendening, Nicole Killian, Kimberly McClure, Molly McGeehan, Andria Morales, Sarah Nicholls, Brittany Nelson, Richard Nonas, Sheryl Oppenheim, Janelle Poe, Hayal Pozanti, Will Rahilly, Corina Reynolds, Beth Sheehan, Sarah Smith, Erin Sweeny, Mandy Vahabzadeh, Siebren Versteeg, Anne Vieux, Sun You

Zipora Fried color pencil on paper


  • Rosaire Appel

  • Zipora Fried

  • Renee Gladman

Andre Bradley's Fingerprints


  • Andre Bradley

  • Boru O'Brien O’Connell

  • Jimena Sarno

47 Easy Poundcakes Like Grandma Used to Make


  • Max Fowler

  • Rachel Haberstroh

  • Sujin Lee

  • Nyeema Morgan

Nicole Ruggiero VR Bedroom

Four Steps to Self Help

  • Evie Falci

  • Calli Moore

  • Aliza Morell

  • Nicole Ruggiero

Pet Names for Wastelands

  • Jordan Barse

  • Andrew Laumann

  • Jack Henry

  • Miles Pflanz

The Right Margin

  • Katie Pennachio

  • Andy Ralph

  • Joshua Caleb Weibley

Alt Esc Portrait by Charlie Rubin 2

Curatorial Residency Program

  • Spring 2017—Alt Esc (Irina Makarova and Alison Sirico)

  • Fall 2017—Nicole Kaack

  • Spring 2018—TBA

Chinese Yoyo by Andrea Bergart

Summer Show

  • Andrea Bergart

  • Lauren Clay

  • Sheryl Oppenheim

Cooper Holoweski chair painting

Nostalgia and Obsolescence

  • Cooper Holoweski

Rabbit Redux Kari Cholnoky

Rabbit Redux

  • Kari Cholnoky

  • Martha Mysko

Painter Production Parity

  • Joey Cocciardi

  • Chris Oh

  • Siebren Versteeg

Trisha Holt

Three Hands Play

  • Trisha Holt

  • Will Rahilly

  • Lindsay Preston Zappas

Read Image See Text

Read Image, See Text @ Cranbrook Art Museum

  • Andrew Blauvelt

  • Corrie Baldauf

  • Jon Geiger

  • Susan Goethel Campbell

  • Megan Heeres

  • ...
Anne Vieux painting

After Book @ Hammock Gallery

  • Sheryl Oppenheim

  • Anne Vieux

Annie Pearlman Painting


  • Annie Pearlman

Ian Pedigo

Endless Care

  • Paul DeMuro

  • Steven Mayer

  • Andria Morales

  • Ian Pedigo

  • Sun You

Burnout by Daylight Savings


  • April Childers

  • Beverly Fishman

  • Cara Heslip

  • Nicole Killian

  • Faren Ziello

Moose by Beverly fresh


  • Patrick Gantert


Noah Breuer

Radical Perception: A Love Triangle

  • Noah Breuer

  • Sheryl Oppenheim

  • Anne Vieux