Radical Perception: A Love Triangle

February 21 - May 1, 2014

  • Noah Breuer

  • Sheryl Oppenheim

  • Anne Vieux

Small Editions is proud to present Radical Perception: A Love Triangle, a group exhibition co-curated by Kimberly McClure and Corina Reynolds. The curators initiate a discourse surrounding the contemporary visual experience bringing the framework for viewing and perception into question.

Radical Perception features new works by a group of emerging artists based in Brooklyn, New York. All are exploring a strain of contemporary American world view shared by generation x and y through the visual experience. The exhibition presents distinct approaches to image collapse and degradation as a result of the over saturation of visual stimulus now common in a globally connected world.

Anne Vieux’s digital paintings play with the elements of psychedelia as they relate to tropes of painting, such as the window, mirror, and the frame. Through physical layers of transparency and medium manipulation, Vieux expands these works through meditations on perception, digital formatting, and utopia visions.

Sheryl Oppenheim sees the world through mediation. Her paintings and drawings explore the tension of mass produced luxury through the language of DIY distribution. Her current works combine artisan processes from the 1400’s with commercial mass production to create dense surfaces for contemplation of a divided population.

Noah Breuer plays with visual perception by collapsing and reassembling layers of visual history. His recent series of print-based collages sample 1980’s and ’90’s-era baseball cards and focus on the halftone dot as the central visual building block of these images.

Noah Breuer
  • Anne Vieux Radical Perception
  • Radical Perception
  • Wintery Mix by Sheryl Oppenheim
  • Pajama Painting by Sheryl Oppenheim
  • Anne Vieux Radical Perception
  • Painting by Sheryl Oppenheim
  • Grain by Sheryl Oppenheim
  • Radical Perception