Small Editions 2017 Curator-in-Residence Announced

July 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

  • Nicole Kaack

Small Editions is pleased to welcome Nicole Kaack as 2017 Curator-in-Residence. Beginning her residency with the exhibition Paperless, opening on Saturday July 29th, Kaack has prepared a series of exhibitions based on Hanne Darboven’s infinite words—“zu schreiben ohne zu beschreiben,” to scribe without describing. The three exhibitions in this series assemble artists whose works sidestep the explicit signification of language to turn towards expressions that may be read through erasure, anticipation, and signs.

Nicole Kaack is an artist and writer from Northern California, currently based in Queens, New York. Kaack graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Visual Art from Columbia University and now works as the Dedalus Fellow in the Museum Archives at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Kaack’s writing has been published by Whitehot Magazine, artcritical, SFAQ / NYAQ / AQ, and Artforum.

Nicole Kaack 2017 Curator in Residence