S m a l l E d i t i o n s

Working from a vibrant history of commissioned artists books, Small Editions collaborates through studio visits and conversations with artists to publish small edition bookworks and artists books. Seeking to support experimental artist publishing, we developed a business model that provides book production services to commercial clients as a means for funding our artist publishing projects.

Since 2012 Small Editions has published artists books with Andria Morales, Anne Vieux, Annie Pearlman, Benjamin Niznik, Beverly Fresh, Gregory Kalliche, Lauren Clay, Nicole Killian, Noah Breuer, Sheryl Oppenehim, Ted Gahl, Will Anderson, and Will Rahilly. Our books are in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Walker Art Center, Kohler Artist Book Library, Whitney Museum of American Art, Cleveland Institute of Art, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Cranbrook Art Museum. We are involved in leading workshops for artists on how to make books through The Center for Book Arts, Blonde Art Books, and other institutions. We have presented on our works at venues such as MoMA PS1 and Independent Curators International. Our goal as publisher is to use our combined book production and exhibition space to create bookworks that unabashedly borrow from ideas and techniques of both worlds (contemporary art and books), that further the ideas of both, and to provide a space for contemporary artists to further their practice through book production.

Subtle Body Tunnel Book by Lauren Clay
A Potential Space

A Potential Space

Juliana Cerqueira Leite

Subtle Body Tunnel Book by Lauren Clay

Subtle Body

Lauren Clay

Black and White Studies by Sheryl Oppenheim and Janelle Poe

Black & White Studies

Sheryl Oppenheim and Janelle Poe

Pet Names for Wastelands featuring artwork by Jordan Barse, Jack Henry, Andrew Lauman, and Miles Pflanz. Writing by Dana Kopel and Alison Sirico.

Curatorial Publication Series

Curator-in-Residence, Alt Esc

Black Hours by Sheryl Oppenheim

Black Hours

Sheryl Oppenheim

Team Set by Noah Breuer

Team Set

Noah Breuer

Edges by Anne Vieux


Anne Vieux

ttaallkk by Patrick Gantert and Beverly Fresh


Beverly Fre$h and Patrick Gantert

Untitled book by Patrick Gantert and Nicole Killian

Untitled (…thoughts on a title)

Patrick Gantert and Nicole Killian

Photoshop print by Sheryl Oppenheim


Sheryl Oppenheim

OlllO by Will Rahilly


Will Rahilly

Words With Love Set 1

Words With Love: Set 1

Mira Dancy, Kayla Guthrie, Jill Magid, Karin Schneider, Christine Wang, and Camilla Wills. Edited by Cara Benedetto and Sonel Breslav

Words With Love Set 2

Words With Love: Set 2

Moyra Davey, General Sisters, Suzanne Herrera, Amy Lam, Aura Rosenberg, and Cassandra Troyan. Edited by Cara Benedetto and Sonel Breslav

Words With Love Set 3

Words With Love: Set 3

Edited by Cara Benedetto and Sonel Breslav

Words With Love Set 5

Words With Love: Set 5

Edited by Cara Benedetto and Sonel Breslav

Words with Love Set 4

Words With Love: Set 4

Edited by Cara Benedetto and Sonel Breslav

contemporary art review la


Designed by Haynes Riley

PMAN Plus by Annie Pearlman and PAT Projects


PAT Projects and Annie Pearlman

Alba Amicorum Zine by Sheryl Oppenheim

Alba Amicorum Zine

Sheryl Oppenheim

Sunday by Joey Cocciardi


Joey Cocciardi