Rules of the Game

Melissa Brown

Screen printed and digitally printed pamphlet, digital and screen printed wager on aluminum, photo album, deck of cards, 5 original artworks or facsimiles in acid free folders all housed within a clamshell box.

Edition: 5 books + 2 APs

12 × 18 in., 3 inches deep

1200 – Purchase

Printed in an edition of 5, Rules of the Game consists of a 12 x 18 x 2 inch clamshell box containing a screen printed and digitally printed manual, 5  player portfolios, a deck of cards, the photo book, and the wager. At the end of the games, the player portfolios will either contain the original works of wagered art, or black and white xerox reproductions depending on the owner/player’s outcome in the game.

Melissa Brown Wager Rules of the Game
  • Poker Book Rules of the Game by Melissa Brown
  • Poker Book Rules of the Game by Melissa Brown
  • Melissa Brown Poker Book