Edited by Nicole Kaack, artwork by Renee Gladman, Katie Giritlian, Rosaire Appel, and Zipora Fried, writing by Matt Keegan

Soft cover, saddle stitched two color risograph and laser printed

Edition: 100 Books

5.25 × 8 in., 32 pages

10 – Purchase

Marks are observations, embedded in time like fractured thoughts, accumulating to become — the beginning and end of a brushstroke, the overlapping of tape, a piece of paper draped onto itself, or the softening of a line into a cloud of gouache. (wordless) turns to the generosity of image as a form that shapes across a fluidity and multiplicity of interpretation.

(wordless) was edited by Nicole Kaack. Artwork and writing by Renee Gladman, Katie Giritlian, Rosaire Appel, Zipora Fried, and Matt Keegan.

^subscript is a bimonthly publication series that documents the work of our Curators-in-Residence. Twice a year Small Editions selects an emerging curator to organize a thematic exhibition series to nurture a conversation at the intersection of contemporary art and artists books.